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Captain Gordon & the Team

Captain Gordon a dedicated yachty, is the founder of River Rovers and the core of the team. In 1996 he left Cape Town and sailed his 45-ft sloop, Aries, to Madagascar, the Seychelles, Chagos and the Maldives.

He arrived in Phuket in 1999 and has lived here ever since.

At River Rovers Eco Tours, our Coast Guard certified guides provide an exciting tour that is fun for everyone. 

Why Choose Us?

We do Eco friendly tours and nothing else. We do what we love, and we do it better than anyone else!

We have excellent captains who are knowledgeable about the flora and fauna of this area and are dedicated to doing more than just giving a tour.

Our Captain’s desire is to take you on an incredible adventure that leaves you with a true sense of what this life is all about. We want to share our wonderful world in Thailand with you.

Our Mission

We are eco friendly!

First and foremost River Rovers is completely dedicated to limiting our footprint on the environment. If we could manage without an engine we would, but since we need an engine we made sure it was a petrol 4 stroke engine, which is one of the cleanest around and with very low emissions. We only use it at half throttle and produce hardly any wake at all. If we need to we can increase power but we do our best not to.

Many other tour boats create so much wake and disturbance that if they come close to us we are forced to put our plates and glasses away. In fact we would go so far as to say that our tours probably have less than 10% of the impact that other tours have on the environment and the surrounding areas.

We'll show you unique tracks!

River Rovers gives you ‘off the beaten track cruises’, our guests have an opportunity to see and experience the real Phuket. Every trip is designed to avoid all other tourist traps and expose the real wonders that Phuket has to offer. We can stop at will if there is a special bird to see, we are bird experts and are able to point out the many different species of birds found in the area.

We carry food on the boat for the monkeys, that always come on the boat to play and you can feed them by hand if you wish. You can stay at one spot as long as you like. If you are enjoying snorkelling on one particular Island, we do not need to move to another Island, which is similar, if you prefer to stay. River Rovers allows you the freedom to enjoy at your pace and pleasure.

We cook delicious food!

We eat delicious freshly prepared food onboard or on the beach and on a table cloth with crystal glasses and porcelain plates and proper silverware.

All our food is guaranteed to be bought fresh in the morning, with lovely coriander, spices, vegetables, chicken and an assortment of other ingredients which are prepared and cooked in front of you, in the galley kitchen by our master cook ‘Luck’. We also serve an assortment of cold drinks from beer to wine to soft drinks and we have dessert and fruits and coffee and tea if you like.

People have often told us that the meals served on our boat are as good as and sometimes better than top restaurant grade meals, which can cost more than our tour alone, when you factor in the beverages, making our tours extremely good value for money.

We are wheel-chair friendly!

Our tours are wheel chair friendly and we can accommodate guests that are elderly or physically challenged. Being differently abled, unfortunately, is always a bit of a problem with travelling, but with some adjustments, it is doable with River Rovers. Certainly those with different abilities are not incapable. There are many ways people compensate for a reduction in abilities, and those with these reductions may have special strengths that exceed that of the general population. Making Eco-friendly cruises accessible to differently abled people is one of our aims at River Rovers.

Our boat the “Pitta”, with its flat bottom, is designed especially for easy access and wheelchair travellers find our cruises trouble-free and always have lots of fun. Furthermore, you will be helped during your trip with all the different activities we have on offer, in making them easily accessible for your individual abilities.

We aim to please!

We at River Rovers are doing our very best to provide extreme value for money while being gentle to Mother Earth. Our primary motive is not to get as many people as possible and squeeze as much money out of every tour, but instead we help our special guests in having a fantastic time while being friendly to our precious earth.

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Hostels on Phuket

Meet our Boat "Pitta"

Why "Pitta"?

The River Rovers "Pitta" is aptly named after the Pittidae, of passerine birds mainly found in tropical Asia and Australasia, although a couple of species live in Africa. Every cruise you choose with River Rovers is a full board experience. Whether you decide on a one day cruise or several days, we happily cater to all of your needs and requirements. Captain Gordon and his crew welcome you as part of the River Rovers family and you can be sure of an exciting and comfortable journey for all!

The river boat has two shower systems, one in the head (bathroom) and one in the cockpit. The head is huge for a boat of this size; it has a proper household sit down porcelain toilet with a normal flush system, porcelain hand basin, mirrors and ample packing space for all your gear.

Our river cruiser is flat bottomed and can float in just 0.5 meters of water, ideal for getting across those sand bars that keep other tour boats out of the most spectacular parts of Phuket, Phang Nga Bay, Krabi and Koh Lanta. Our flat bottom also allows for easy access to accommodate wheel chairs and elderly guests.

We are looking for a peaceful ride (we are not a high speed boat) and want you to appreciate all there is to be seen, from breathtaking scenery to the abundant birds, monkeys and flora in addition to the wonderful panoramic sunsets and sunrises renowned for this part of the world.

The Cabins

The “Pitta" offers two double cabins with a stylish marriage of simplicity and sophistication. The queen size beds are swathed in colourful mosquito netting. There are two fans in each cabin, and two reading lights and an overhead light. Each cabin has huge front opening windows as wide as the bed, and sliding side windows. We couldn’t get more ventilation into the boat even if we tried. Throughout the boat are large packing areas, under the beds and seats.

The Galley

The Galley (Kitchen) is beautifully appointed and finished. It has a two plate gas burner stove and a huge ice box, a separate pump system for drinking water. The crockery and cutlery is of high quality. We have a large selection of drinking glasses (no plastic on this boat), pots pans and utensils in stainless steel. The galley also has overhead opening hatches as well as sliding side windows, so plenty of ventilation there.

The Cockpit

The cockpit is so large that a small party would rattle around in it. The beautiful cockpit table is a solid laminated dark wood. It can seat ten people around it if necessary. It also has a double use: it can be dropped down to form a double bed. The cockpit can be enclosed in rain covers and mosquito netting to form a third cabin if required. Hammocks can be hung from under the sun canopy which covers the entire cockpit.

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Day Trip - Maximum of 10 Guests
Live-a-Board - Maximum of 6 Guests
2- 4 in two double cabins and 2 on cockpit table which converts to a double bed, the cockpit has covers which drop around it.
Saloon - The Cockpit is used for dining and relaxing.
Refrigeration - 2 very large ice boxes, built into the boat, one in the cockpit for beers etc and one in the galley for food, when full the ice can last 4-5 days.
Bath Towels and Bed Linen supplied on Live-a-Board Charters.
Each cabin has 2 fans, with reading lights and spot lights.
Showers - 1 in Cockpit / 1 in Head
Huge Bimini Top
Entertainment - Stereo sound system with 4 speakers, 2 inside (one in each cabin) and 2 in the cockpit. The system plays CD’s, DVD’s and mp3′s. Please feel free to bring your favorite music.

Boat specs

LOA - 31 Feet
Beam - 11.6 Feet
Draft - 12 Inches
Built - 2004
Electricity - 2 x 200 amps/12 volt Batteries
Hull - Marine ply coated with glass fibre
Navigation - GPS
Communication - UHF/VHF radio and nav/mobile phones
Engine - Mercury Big Foot 60HP
Fuel Capacity - 400 liters
Water Capacity - 1000 liters
Cruising Speed - 12 Knots
Displacement- 4 Tons
Life jackets for all on board / First Aid Kit
Fire Extinguisher / Flares
Snorkeling - Masks & Snorkels
Fishing - Light tackle fishing gear
Kayaks - 2-3 Seated Kayaks

Some pictures of our "bird"