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Experience a journey like no other!

Thailand’s extensive but little-known wonderland of rivers, estuaries, islands, caves and white sandy beaches, is surely one of the most magical and mysterious places on earth, and one of the most beautiful. Come and marvel at hundreds of dramatic limestone rock formations that rise like fairy castles from land and sea.

The freedom of our shallow-draft, Luxury River Cruiser allows you to visit parts of Thailand that are inaccessible by larger boats and to venture up-rivers through the mangrove forests into the jungles of Thailand. You will be able to discover rarely visited traditional Fishing Villages, where the lives of the local Thai people have remained almost unchanged for centuries.

Using our specially designed flat-bottomed kayaks, which accompany the “Pitta” cruiser, you can explore sea caves and hidden lagoons within the many Rock Formations rising from the sea. Here you will see many species of rare birds, plants and animals; from white-bellied Sea Eagles, Ospreys and Pacific Reef Egrets to crab eating macaque monkeys and Giant Monitor Lizards.

We know that once you join us on your adventure of a lifetime, you too will see the importance of preserving this beautiful piece of Thailand!

Each and every one of River Rovers cruises includes a full board service. Whether you choose to embark on the "Pitta" for one day or several days you will be served delicious Thai meals, prepared and cooked on the boat by our master cook 'Luck' or if desired a BBQ on a secluded beach with plenty of fruit, water, soft drinks and beer. We also supply the bananas to feed our friendly, curious and cheeky monkeys. There is snorkeling gear, light fishing tackle and kayaks to use at your leisure or you can simply choose to relax on our roof top and enjoy the sunshine. All you need to bring along are your sunglasses, sun lotions, hats...and of course don't forget your camera!

Below you will find examples of Cruises, prepared to stimulate your imagination into customising the Perfect Tour just for You!

Monkey Jungle Cruise

A varied trip that takes you into the Mangrove Jungle, where you will visit Thai villages, play and feed many friendly and curious monkeys, take a short cruise past a local fish farm, then a relaxing cruise to sheltered islands for calm shallow water swimming, kayaking and deserted beaches.

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Hidden Treasures of Chalong Bay

While leaving the beach or jetty, depending on the tide, we'll follow along the path of the Mangroves, experiencing its wonderfully unique ecosystem, while watching the birds trail behind our boat. Soon we will reach the Mudong Floating Sea Gypsy Village, here you will see the gypsy’s at work, feeding their fish on their private fish farms while preparing their longtail boats for the days fishing in Ao Chalong.

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One day private boat trip to Islands: Koh Sirey and Coconut Island (Thailand)

Our groups are very small, maximum of 10 passengers to ensure our passing will have minimal effect on the villages and local ecosystems as we explore the hidden treasures of Maphrao Bay with its tropical lagoons, magical mangrove rivers and amazing forests. Paddle our kayaks into the far reaches of the Mangrove Rivers and you can swim or relax on pristine deserted island beaches.

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Phang Nga Bay tour from Phuket

We know there are plenty of tour operators offering one day trips to Phang Nga Bay, but they cannot begin to think that they are showing their guests the real treasures of Phang Nga Bay. It is such a huge area and they will only take you on the main tourist route, which is in the deep water channel.

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Phang-Nga Through the Back Door

We use luxury Longtail Boats, with shallow drafts, that are roomy and partially covered from the sun, giving our Guests plenty of space to relax in the warm rays or cool shade. Again, we only take a maximum of 10 Guests per cruise, allowing us to give our Guests the extra special attention they deserve.

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Romantic Cruises in Thailand, Phuket

On your magical journey of discovery along the River Mudong, you can kayaking and have fun feeding the wild monkeys. There are many species of wild birds to be observed as we cruise gently by. The Thai villager’s wave excitedly from the banks, marvelling at how the River Rovers “Pitta” cruiser can actually get into their river as it crosses the shallow bar which excludes all other tourist vessel. Don’t forget your cameras and binoculars as there will be many opportunities for pictures on this trip.

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Exotic Wedding Cruise

We have a dream wedding especially for you with spectacular and exotic wedding settings in Phuket, Phang Nga Bay or the Phak Bia Islands, Krabi. Imagine, majestic lime stone cliffs and still water, caves with crystal beaches and Sea Eagles soaring over head, with the only sound coming from the lapping water, the birds and the gentle warm breeze blowing through the majestic trees and exotic plants.

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In the Steps of Lord Buddha

They say that there are foot prints of Lord Buddha in the Temple on Bu Bu Island, that’s according to the Myth and it is certainly worth exploring this beautiful little Island. The Island is not exactly remote but not many people are able to get to it, as there are no organized tours that come here. 

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The Mangroves EcoSystem

The rivers and the deltas of Phuket and Phang Nga are diverse and natural wonderlands. The west coast is fringed by white sandy beaches while the eastern coast is wilder and oriented towards Phang Nga Bay. In fact, the bay is protected by its own geographical situation. The hundreds of small islands are surrounded by shallow waters and the delta of the Phang Nga’s river is a mixture between fresh and salty waters.

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Bird Watchers Paradise

River Rovers’ Bird Watching Charters invite you to visit this wonderful land and experience the magnificent and diverse Avifauna of Thailand. Discover the Bird Life of Thailand. There is an astonishing wealth of shapes, colours and behaviors of the birds of this country. More than 920 species of birds have been identified, of which approximately two thirds are resident while one third are migratory. Over 200 species of these birds are found in the mangrove forests.

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Special Occasion Cruise

People travel to Phuket because it is known to be an Island Paradise. However, the number one complaint is that it’s “too touristy” and that tour operators can tend to rush their customers and be pushy with their sales techniques.

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Eco Cruises for the Differently Abled

Being differently abled, unfortunately, is always a bit of a problem with travelling, but with some adjustments, it is doable with River Rovers. Certainly those with different abilities are not incapable. There are many ways people compensate for a reduction in abilities, and those with these reductions may have special strengths that exceed that of the general population.

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The Kayaking Dream

We start in Ao Po in a large 10 seater Long Tail Boat and head towards Phang Nga, after a short stop for kayaking. We head towards the most beautiful of Islands Kho Roi with its two beaches and the biggest hong, walk through the mountain gap and there it is, truly amazing,

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Half day tour from Phuket for family with kids

Don’t know what to do with the kids, then come with us on a half day trip for lots of fun, with kids in mind. 

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