Hidden Treasures of Phang-Nga Bay

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We know there are plenty of tour operators offering one day trips to Phang Nga Bay, but they cannot begin to think that they are showing their guests the real treasures of Phang Nga Bay. It is such a huge area and they will only take you on the main tourist route, which is in the deep water channel.

Welcome to Phang Nga Bay – River Rovers Play Ground!

We at River Rovers pride ourselves in showing our guests a lot more of Phang Nga over several days escaping from the deep water channel and into the shallow rivers where the views are truly amazing with rivers that traverse through mountains, not many boats can manage this trip and certainly not yachts or big boats.

There will be virtually no other tour boats in sight; we take our guests far away from the main tourist areas where they are hounded by touts and rushed from one spot to another as fast as possible, we just poodle along in the calm waters of Phang Nga Bay, a very restful trip and a great way to unwind from your busy lives.

Phang Nga Bay is a bird watchers and nature lover’s paradise (an expert bird-watching guide is available on board). We can also pull up on secluded beaches to swim, snorkel or sleep overnight under the stars as the Bay is shallow and protected by mountains. Phang Nga is known for its smooth, jade-green sea. But if a squall does blow up, you are never far from the mainland or the many islands for shelter.

We take you through wildlife-rich mangrove forests, where our guides explain how these unique trees survive through secreting salt through their leaf glands and bark. If you lick a mangrove leaf it tastes salty! You will learn how important mangroves are to the environment as repositories of marine life and defenders of the shoreline.

Our guides will also point out endemic species of birds, such as the brown-winged Kingfisher and the Mangrove Pitta, as well as other living curiosities, including the one clawed Fiddler Crab and the flying Mud Skipper, a type of goby fish that can remain out of water and skip about the mud using its fins.

A trip through the mangroves, combined with exploring sea caves within the extraordinary limestone karst formations of the Bay, is fun and educational – a perfect family outing!

Awe Inspiring, Seductive and Intoxicating - This is Phang Nga Bay!

A wild adventure or a lover’s dream. It is all here amongst the hundreds of dramatic uninhabited islands. We have secluded lagoons where a bit of “skinny dipping” would not be noticed, caves and “hongs” to explore, sandy beaches and exotic plants which all add up to the grandeur of Phang Nga Bay.

Amazing Karsts

How did such an amazing place come to be? A collision of great magnitude occurred about 300 million years ago, between the Indian sub continent and mainland Asia. The force of the tectonic plates pushed and rotated the whole of Thailand and Malaysia forcing the limestone above the surface, like a bar of wet soap slipping from your grasp. The karsts that were then formed appeared like fairy castles out of the sea, all different shapes and sizes, put your imagination to the test and see what these shapes give you; a sleeping princess, a wild dog, or how about a dragon…

Hongs and Caves

Hong is a Thai word for room. There are many hidden “Gardens of Eden”, lagoons with shallow water surrounded by fascinating cliff faces. The delta in the north of the bay shelters some exotic caves and ancient wall paintings, rarely visited by tourists, while some southern islands hide caves accessible at low tide only.

Fauna & Flora

As you can see from our bird watching page, there are many species in this area. The crab eating macaques are the most common monkeys. Seen frequently, are the giant monitor lizards and the small clawed otters, and there is much more…
You can find the most spectacular flora hanging off the vertical rock faces. Vegetation has evolved to withstand long periods of dryness and an almost complete lack of soil. Cascading down the cliffs are Palm trees, Bamboos, Ferns and wild Orchids which make many strange forms. These plants provide seeds and fruits in abundance for the birds and primates to feed on.

The Dream Cruise

The jade green sea and calm waters are ideal for our river cruiser, away from the bright lights and into the unknown. It’s a stopover in serenity, a side trip to paradise, where the wonders of nature and the comfort of our luxury cruiser live side by side.
Because Phang Nga covers such a large area with so many beautiful sights to see, we highly recommend Live-a-Board trips be taken over a minimum of 2 days and 1 night, to give you the chance to see the Hongs under the moonlight. A very rare opportunity and a spectacular experience!

Tour information

Start time (depends on tide): 9am (9:00)
Minimal tour duration: 2 days/1 night
Maximum guests: 6 people
Departing from: Departure
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Phang Nga Bay Tours pricing policy

Each boat trip has its minimum cost. This includes: charter fee, fuel, water, fruit and drinks and the wages for the crew. This value is divided equally by the number of guests. Therefore, the best prices for Eco Tours in Thailand are achievable when the number of visitors reaches 8 to 10 people. However, the minimum cost of the tour is greatly enhanced for couples, lovers and small groups of travelers. RiverRovers eliminates this disadvantage and makes Private Boat Tours on Phuket more accessible. We use an individual approach to pricing and apply different pricing policy for small groups of travelers or newlyweds who are willing to spend their honeymoon with us.

Phang Nga Bay Tour price:
Group Price per person Tour price
1-4 people 3990 THB 15960 THB
6 people 2995 THB 17970 THB
8 people 2500 THB 20000 THB
10 people 2200 THB 22000 THB
11 people 2175 THB 23925 THB

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