Monkey Jungle Cruise

About this tour

A varied trip that takes you into the Mangrove Jungle, where you will visit Thai villages, play and feed many friendly and curious monkeys, take a short cruise past a local fish farm, then a relaxing cruise to sheltered islands for calm shallow water swimming, kayaking and deserted beaches.

The Monkey Jungle Cruise is one of our most popular tours.

Our boat “Pitta” leaves from Chalong Bay at 9am as we head out to see authentic floating fish farms where you will have the opportunity to meet our local Sea Gypsies. These are genuine working fish farms, which have been owned and operated for generations by traditional Thai Sea Gypsies. Here you will observe where the locals live and how they work. An exceptionally informative experience for all the family!

During this trip we will also travel through Thai Villages were you can interact with the locals, you will also get to see the damage and rebuilding from the result of the Tsunami in 2004. You will be able to observe the Kings Project, which is based on rebuilding the Mangroves in Thailand. In the past, over 40% of the mangroves were slashed for burning to manufacture charcoal, but now this practice is no longer allowed and has since been banned.

We then head off to the Mangrove Forest to see the monkeys. Offering a rare opportunity to see wild monkey’s in their natural habitat, where they are free to swing from tree to tree and are always pleased when Captain Gordon arrives with his boat. From here you can paddle your own kayak or you can have one of the crew to paddle for you, and explore further into the dense Mangrove Forest, where the boat is unable to go.

We then leave the Klong (river) to explore the beautiful Phuket coastline; you will be able to spot Eagles and many Sea Birds on our way to Ago Yon Bay, which is also home to Phuket’s largest pearl farm. Here you will have the chance to do some swimming, kayaking and boat jumping if you wish.

When everyone is ready and depending on the weather, we have the opportunity to explore some of the numerous smaller deserted islands, with beautiful sandy beaches and a back drop of natural gardens that are dotted around the South Eastern Phuket coastline. You can swim in the warm calm waters, kayak, and snorkel or explore the beach, before heading back to Chalong Bay.

This tour can be changed at any time if the weather becomes extreme, a taxi will be called from our boat and you can get off at different stages along the route.

Tour information

Start time: 9am (09:00)
Tour duration: about 8 hours
Maximum guests: not more than 11
Departing from: Departure
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Tour options

Choose what cruise type best suits your expectations.

“The Monkey Jungle Cruise” For Backpackers

This trip is designed for those who are on a tight budget, but who still wish to experience this wonderful trip without all the trimmings. The Backpacker trip offers the entire itinerary with self catering; bring your own food, snacks and drinks, our fridge is available for your use.

The Five Star “Monkey Jungle Cruise”

The Five Star Cruise includes a full lobster (you choose it live from the fish farm, 500gms) and a wine lunch, one bottle per couple, as well as endless amounts of snacks and drinks. The Five Star Cruise also includes a visit to the Big Buddha to witness the sunset and the wonderful panoramic views it has to offer across Phuket and beyond, a photographer’s dream location. 

Private Boat Tours pricing policy

Each boat trip has its minimum cost. This includes: charter fee, fuel, water, fruit and drinks and the wages for the crew. This value is divided equally by the number of guests. Therefore, the best prices for Eco Tours in Thailand are achievable when the number of visitors reaches 8 to 10 people. However, the minimum cost of the tour is greatly enhanced for couples, lovers and small groups of travelers. RiverRovers eliminates this disadvantage and makes Private Boat Tours on Phuket more accessible. We use an individual approach to pricing and apply different pricing policy for small groups of travelers or newlyweds who are willing to spend their honeymoon with us.

Price list: Eco Tours in Ao Chalong
Group Price per person Tour price
1-4 people 3990 THB 15960 THB
6 people 2995 THB 17970 THB
8 people 2500 THB 20000 THB
10 people 2200 THB 22000 THB
11 people 2175 THB 23925 THB


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