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River Rovers Eco Cruises
Phuket Island

We Offer Unbeatable Price & Excellent Services
River Rovers Eco Cruises Phuket Island
We Offer Unbeatable Price & Excellent Services
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Some words about what we do
We do Eco-friendly tours and nothing else. We do what we love, and we do it better than anyone else! The tours are meant explicitly for 2 or 3 families with kids or a small group of friends for up to 8 to 11 guests. Our desire is to take you on an incredible adventure that will leave you with unforgettable memories from our wonderful world in Thailand.
Our primary motive is not to get as many people as possible and squeeze as much money out of every tour, but instead we help our special guests in having a fantastic time while being friendly to our precious earth. We at River Rovers are doing our very best to provide extreme value for money while being gentle to Mother Earth.
The most popular tours
Our guests were delighted with these tours. We got the best reviews after.
The most popular tours
Why choose us?
Eco–friendly tours
First and foremost River Rovers is completely dedicated to limiting our footprint on the environment. We use a petrol 4 stroke engine which is one of the cleanest around and with very low emissions.
Healthy organic food
All our food is bought fresh in the morning including vegetables, see food, chicken and other ingredients which are then prepared and cooked in front of you, in the kitchen by our master cook.
Unique adventure
River Rovers gives you 'off the beaten track cruises', to experience the real Phuket. Every trip is designed to expose the real wonders that Phuket has to offer.
What our customers say?
  • Have been on a few of these now but still find the views amazing and every trip is a bit different, this trip though the canoe trip was awesome as usual but no hassling from the guides like happens in many tours. They never asked for anything and where very friendly, always tip more for the ones that don't hassle :) The onboard entertainment was hillarious, and everyone in our group had a great time. Ages ranged from 21 to 70's
    Craig R
    Bowen, Australia
  • We had a lovely half-day trip with our daughters 3 and 5 years old. Everything was perfect, kids were happy: they were kayaking with us and playing with members of staff at the boat. Together we caught a big fish on our way to the kayaking place and in the evening cooked it together at home. Bernard and Polita are great hosts.
    Mytishchi, Russia
  • One of the top experiences I've had on a tour. The monkey jungle cruise was so much fun for our family. Kayaking the mangroves, feeding the monkeys, seeing a working fish farm a deserted island and diving off the boat were all amazing and such a yummy lunch on board the small boat. If you want something off the beaten path this is your tour.
What our customers say?
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